About Better Auto Coverage

Welcome to Better Auto Coverage, a data-driven project dedicated to saving our visitors time and money on getting the best insurance plans for their budget.

Auto insurance is something all of us require, but our needs and budgets vary significantly from person to person. The team behind this project firmly agrees that insurance has become very tedious and overly complicated. It’s easy to spend an entire day browsing different plans and companies only to feel like no actual progress was made in getting a better carrier.

Also, conventional advertising can be very salesy and deceptive when it comes to pricing. We wanted to shorten the path between the average consumer and the ideal insurance plan for them. After all, consumers should be the ones choosing, not chasing their options.

Our Mission

We are not an insurance providing company. Instead, we develop and manage a service that connects you to insurance carriers that are a perfect match for your needs. Upon submitting your requirements, you will be presented with appropriate options held to high industry standards.

Our mission is to help consumers achieve the best possible deal on auto insurance based on the data they provide us. By filling in a short questionnaire and providing minimal personal data, our users can be connected to insurance providers that match their requirements. We help make this possible through the latest technological innovations in networking and data science to connect interested consumers with appropriate insurance deals for their needs.

So far, we have helped over 100,000 users find better deals for their auto insurance.

The Team Behind Better Auto Coverage

Our team is composed of Los Angeles based industry professionals. We continually update and improve our service in technical aspects, but also expand our connections with national and regional carriers. Our project is held to high standards, and we continuously work on improving the speed and efficiency of the process.

Let us know how we can further improve our project to give you the best possible experience. You can contact us here with questions. We will get back to you as soon as possible.